Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Indispensable Musharraf?

Hold it right there buddy... that's too much !... I know you are selling the very same theory, what Musharraf himself is promoting since his coup and that is "No Musharraf and Pakistan will be doomed"... "Musharraf, the only gutsy Man to rescue our Nation"... and if I quote Musharraf himself "I am the need of the hour [Musharraf]"... duh... its 8 years and counting, but the hour not seems to be ending anywhere in near future.

Isn't that look like a Hollywood block buster's trailer?... just a little sound effects (hey studio guys !)... spare SuperMan, SpiderMan, BatMan and the lot... we've got... guess who?... yeah ! Musharraf... the Man in Uniform !

So, does this theory relates to the reality on ground? mmm... mmm... mmm... hard to answer :S

But, what I know is that, if you try to look over Musharraf, what you'll have in the stock? Benazir, Zardari, Nawaz Sharif, Fazl ur Rehman, Qazi Hussain, Altaf Hussain, Pir Pagara, Chaudris, Waderas, Khans, Sardars, Bhai Logs... yuck! Musharraf will, utlimately, start looking cute... isn't it? Now don't take it as an endorsement for Musharraf, if others are 100% corrupt than he might be arround 95%. See! we don't have enough choice as far as our politicians are concerned :(. There might be some good people out there, but they are not politicians and neither hungry for all that power, might and wealth. So can't they step in to help us from these termites? why, on earth, we are so barren as far as producing good leaders are concern? is that because I broke the traffic signal last night? I throw away waste in my neighborhood? I cheat my boss? I disobey my parents? I became mean, selfish and materialistic? I didn't forbid the evil happening in our society anymore? I barely took out time to enjoin and promote the good in our society?

Well, we have a bad system which won't allow any good one to come up. This bad system was created and now safe guarded by our bad leaders, who are chosen by us, the bad people of a bad society. What Wise Men says, leaders come from the people and the better the people are, the better the leaders will be and vice versa. Keep working on yourself and in your neighborhood and the things will bound to change, no matter we live to see that or not.