Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Intellij IDEA 8 - The best IDE a developer can have

No IDE, be it open source or commercial, can compete with Intellij IDEA 8. Look at the feature list and you'll be lost ! I can bet, this is the most powerfull IDE out there. Look at the massive 1st class tool level support for Java, JSP, JSF, SQL/DB, UML, XML, XPath, XSLT, JavaScript, GWT, AJAX, Flex, Velocity, Freemarker, Ruby/JRuby, Rails, Groovy/Grail, HTML, CSS, CVS/SVN/VSS, Diff, Maven, Ant, Struts1/2, Spring (WebFlow, MVC, Dyna Modules), Hibernate/JPA, EJB, Seam, Web Services, REST, properties file, Swing, Java ME, JUnit, TestNG, Application Servers... look at the humongous list of Inspection List, (632 and counting !) and gauge the amount of work load this IDE takes off from you. Then there's a robust plugin ecosystem with more than 500 available plugins and new ones appearing nearly every week targeting every single technology, scripting language, framework, tools, servers and what not. All I wish now; May Intellij IDEA read this post of mine and out of respect send me a life time license of this IDE... btw I haven't sent any email or link to those guys :)

Eid ul Azha - Sacrifice for less fortunate ones

Help Al Amin Trust bring the joy in the lives of thousands of poor and needy people including widows and orphans on the occasion of Eid ul Azha 2008.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

When the Moors ruled in Europe

The Wall Street Journal
"The drama seems infused, suddenly, with important complexity, with great questions of war, peace, civilian casualties

"Inspiring" -- The Observer (U.K.)

Join British historian Bettany Hughes as she examines a long-buried chapter of European history--the rise and fall of Islamic culture in what is now Spain and Portugal. Although generations of Spanish rulers have tried to expunge this era from the historical record, recent archaeology and scholarship now shed fresh light on the Moors who flourished in Al-Andalus for more than 700 years.

This fascinating two-part documentary explodes old stereotypes and offers shocking new insights. You’ll discover the ingenious mathematics behind Granada’s dazzling Alhambra Palace, trace El Cid’s lineage to his Moorish roots, and learn how the Iberian population willingly converted to Islam in droves.

Through interviews with noted scholars, you’ll see how Moorish advances in mathematics, astronomy, art, and agriculture helped propel the West out of the Dark Ages and into the Renaissance. What emerges is a richly detailed portrait of a sensuous, inquisitive, and remarkably progressive Islamic culture in Christian Europe.

Watch Now: On Google Video (Free) or On DVD via Amazon

Thursday, November 13, 2008

#2 or #57 doesn't matter !

I receive an email in reply to my previous post:

One of the most highlighted news by several media entities reported the nomination of Mustafa Kamal as the World’s Second Best Mayor by the Foreign Policy Magazine.

Based on a quick investigation, it was revealed that this story was a misleading and was actually fabricated to be used as a propaganda tool by MQM. In fact, Karachi has been ranked at 57th out of 60 global cities by the Foreign Policy Magazine at their website.

Please also note that Mustafa Kamal’s name was only mentioned as the “Mayor of City Ranked at 57? in the world and there was NO ranking of any Mayors by the the FP Magazine.

Query for Misreporting in Pakistan

Sent: Tuesday, November 11, 2008 4:35 PM
Subject: Verification of News item Referred to FOREIGN POLICY

Dear Sir/Madam,

It has been reported in some media entities in Pakistan that Mustafa Kamal (Mayor of Karachi) has been 'Ranked' as # 2 in the best Mayors of the world by your organisation. Can you please verify this news item. Also what is the criteria for Ranking of Mayors ?

Thanks and Regards,
Admin PKPolitics

-----Reply from Foreign Policy Magazine-----

Dear Sir/Madam,

To clarify, the mayor's mention in our magazine was not a ranking. Although Kamal was mentioned in a sidebar called 'Mayors of the Moment' in the article, 'The 2008 Global Cities Index,' this mention was not meant as a ranking per se. Rather, we meant to highlight city executives doing innovative things against enormous odds. While we applaud Kamal's efforts, his mention in our magazine was only a small part of a larger article that ranked the world's most global cities (Karachi ranked #57).

I hope this explains your question. Please feel free to reach me with any concerns or comments.


xxxx xxxxxxx
Media & Public Relations Coordinator

I don't care what ranking our mayors get world over because I know the two mayors I mentioned in that post are true leaders, they work hard, day in & day out to improve living conditions in the city we live. So, it doesn't matter if the number is 2 or 57, as far as Karachi is concern, they are #1.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Young Leaders - a source of inspiration

Syed Mustafa Kamal, Mayor of Karachi, ranked #2 among the top Mayors of the World. Hard working, honest and passionate. An inspirtaion for all of us.

Also do not forget, Naimatullah Khan, who was the best performing mayor back in 2005 and really set the stage for a positive competition. Credit to goes all who work hard to resolve people problems no matter which party they belong.