Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Intellij IDEA 8 - The best IDE a developer can have

No IDE, be it open source or commercial, can compete with Intellij IDEA 8. Look at the feature list and you'll be lost ! I can bet, this is the most powerfull IDE out there. Look at the massive 1st class tool level support for Java, JSP, JSF, SQL/DB, UML, XML, XPath, XSLT, JavaScript, GWT, AJAX, Flex, Velocity, Freemarker, Ruby/JRuby, Rails, Groovy/Grail, HTML, CSS, CVS/SVN/VSS, Diff, Maven, Ant, Struts1/2, Spring (WebFlow, MVC, Dyna Modules), Hibernate/JPA, EJB, Seam, Web Services, REST, properties file, Swing, Java ME, JUnit, TestNG, Application Servers... look at the humongous list of Inspection List, (632 and counting !) and gauge the amount of work load this IDE takes off from you. Then there's a robust plugin ecosystem with more than 500 available plugins and new ones appearing nearly every week targeting every single technology, scripting language, framework, tools, servers and what not. All I wish now; May Intellij IDEA read this post of mine and out of respect send me a life time license of this IDE... btw I haven't sent any email or link to those guys :)