Thursday, May 21, 2009

Operation Rah e Rast: What we can do?

  • Donate generously to Swat IDPs and pray for them (
  • NOTE: Do not donate to Gov. managed Aid Agencies and NGOs who are well known for their corruption. Donate to people who have a track record of serving people.
  • Support Pakistan Armed Forces fully in Operations against Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan, Baitullah Mehsood, Fazlullah, Sufi Muhammad and the lot
  • Pray to All Mighty Allah that this and similar operations will succeed with desired results which means:
    • Elimination of all anti-Islam and anti-Pakistan elements
    • Elimination of Takfiri ideology
    • Also pray for those people who have been lured by the Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan, Fazlullah and Sufi Muhammad in the name of Islam and Shariat. Pray to Allah that they will open their eyes, understand the hidden agenda of the culprits and join back the ranks of pro Pakistan Taliban, Tribes and Pak Army to fight back and root them out. The more we heal, the more we save, the more we will benefit.
  • Please stop maligning Pakistan Armed Forces on this operation, we will have to win this battle to save Pakistan