Monday, June 29, 2009

Ever read a refutation like that?

Like me, you guys must’ve read refutations, clarifications, etc from Ulama e Karam on different conflicting issues and topics. But, have you ever read a refutation like this one? wallah ! Maulana has won my heart, can some one do better tabligh o dawah than this?

First, Maulana, by nature, didn’t like to write refutations and spend time on them. Secondly, when the need arises for the collective benefit of Ummah, every one can witness him following the true Sunnah of Muhammad ur Rasul Allah Salalaho Alayhi Wassalam in all his “Muamlaat”. Isn’t that the only way for Ummat e Muslimah? alas ! we have lost our focus on “Muamlaat” and hence lost the spirit of “Ibadaat”.


Courtesy : Zarb e Momin