Saturday, June 27, 2009

Meet with a Victim of Yusuf Kazzab who knows Zaid Hamid sahab too

Meet Hesham A Syed, a victim of Yusuf Kazzab. He met Yusuf Kazzab 5 or 6 times – 2 times in isolation in closed rooms and 4 times in small gatherings.

He also mentioned that he knows Zaid Hamid sahab and his relatives and write about them as follows:

It may not be out of place to mention that I know parents of ZZ and JZ and in-laws of ZZ and of their other relations who come from very respectable family and are straight forward practicing Muslims – They showed a lot of concern and anxiety to me to the way Yusuf was misleading their children and family members and Z + J parents in tears requested me to help the situation , so did ZZ’s father in law told me to counsel them – which I tried and even when I was in Canada and when Yusuf trial was going on in Pakistan I had been writing to ZZ & JZ to make Yusuf do Tauba & Istaghfar and submit to Allah ( swt ). I even wrote to ZZ what I dreamt about Yusuf which clearly indicated to me that he will face humiliation , insult & will be cursed but no heed was paid to my discourse and the devotees saw floods of Noor in Yusuf even in Jail – One can not change any one’s fate or destiny if he or she does not want to change – Quran says that, “ it is not the eyes only but hearts are blinded as well ’’.

And, how he summarizes his experience with Yusuf Kazzab. Golden words, I would say:

Any one who claims to be Wali-Allah but at the same time bring himself or any one parallel to Muhammed ( saw ) or equal to him or better than him or over rule him or undermine Muhammed’s (saw) God given status can not be even a Muslim or Momin ,what to speak about Wali -Allah , Khalifa-ey Rasool or Khailafaye aazam or Mehdi or Imamey- waqt. Such a person can only be an imposter , a fraud and brings himself out of the fold of Islam by making such a satanic claim.

I would recommend to read his experience in detail. The best thing I like about this guy, is his “Mushfiqana” approach towards Yusuf Kazzab’s followers to convince them to get out of that mess as quick as possible.

If you still believe that Yusuf Kazzab was not a murtid than do write to him to clarify your confusions @

O, Allah – I seek from YOU among the Khair ( Blessings ) what your Nabi Muhammed ( saw ) asked for, and protection from YOU among the Sharr ( Evil ) what your Nabi Muhammed ( saw ) asked for – and YOU are the Helper & Provider for our need or supplication and there is no other power over and above YOU.( Ameen )