Monday, June 22, 2009

My meeting with Maulana Saeed Ahmed Jalalpuri sahab regarding Yusuf Kazab and Zaid Hamid sahab

Yesterday, I went to "Aalmi Majlis e Tahaffuz e Khatm e Nubuwwat" (AMTKN) office at Purani Numaish, M.A. Jinnah Road, Masjid Babur Rehmat, Karachi Pakistan. And, I got an opportunity to talk to Maulana Saeed Ahmed Jalalpuri sahab himself, who is the Ameer of AMTKN. I am producing my conversation with respected Maulana below in the form of questions and answers:

Q: Did some one from AMTKN or Ulema Karam actively participate in the case against Yusuf Kazab?
A: Obviously ! the case was registered by Maulana Muhammad Ismail Shuja Abadi on the directions of quaideen of AMTKN

Q: Some people say that the Yusuf Kazab became a victim of Daily Khabrain Editor Zia Shahid's enmity because Zia Shahid had some land/money dispute with Yusuf Kazab?
A: Suppose, if this was the case, then leave Zia Shahid, and take rest of the evidences, which are too much, coming from too many sources, too strong and too crystal clear in nature. AMTKN challenges any one who have any "proof" that Yusuf Kazab did not claimed to be a prophet, please come forward and AMTKN will listen him/her carefully, analyze those proofs and will clarify its stance publicly with all those proofs and counter-proofs. Its an open challenge for any one.

Q: Maulana, how AMTKN proof that Zaid Hamid was indeed "Syed Zaid Zaman", the Khalifa of Yusuf Kazab?
A: I recommend you to read my booklet which contain non refutable proof that "Syed Zaid Zaman", the Khalifa of Yusuf Kazab is none other than Zaid Hamid. AMTKN stand by this document and if Zaid Hamid wants to refute it or prove us wrong than he is more than welcome to visit us any time he like. We would sit together and discuss all counter proofs that he have and inshaAllah there will be khair. Nothing to fight over, its very simple, we have proofs you have counter-proofs, lets sit together and resolve it once and for all.

Q: Maulana do you have all those proofs in the documentation form?
A: Not only do we have those proofs in the documentation form, but those people who were affected by the murtid Yusuf Kazab are in our loop. I have personally met with some of those people as well.

Q: Person A was a follower of Yusuf Kazab, but now he says that he has "nothing to do with Yusuf or his beliefs or any other people like him". What is the minimum requirement according to Shariah for Person A to come out clear from the mess he was involved in his past?
A: According to Shariah, Person A will have to do the following:

  1. Acceptance - Accept publicly and openly that he "did" a mistake by negating the finality of Prophet Muhammad Salalaho Alayhi Wassalam and by following a liar Kazab and a false prophet.
  2. Repentance - Repent that what ever he did was indeed a great sin and do Tauba and Astaghfar with Allah Subhanahu Ta'ala.
  3. Disassociate - Disassociate publicly and openly that now he is no more a follower of Yusuf Kazab and his beliefs
  4. Condemn - Condemn publicly and openly that Yusuf Kazab was indeed a liar and a murtid
  5. Tajdeed e Iman - Do tajdeed of Iman (which also includes tajdeed of Aqid e Khatm e Nubuwwat) publicly and openly
  6. Tajdeed e Nikah - Do tajdeed of Nikah

Q: [I show Maulana, the responses that Zaid Hamid sahab has given so far and ask his opinion] if they fulfill the requirement of Shariah?
A: No, these vague statements are not enough and does not fulfill the requirements of Shariah (as mentioned in the answer of above question).

Q: Maulana, will AMTKN welcome Zaid Hamid if he wishes to visit you to discuss this issue in detail?
A: I've already stated it in clear terms, we will welcome Zaid Hamid to come and discuss this issue. But, I can also tell you one thing, if Zaid Hamid is a culprit and is double crossing then, mark my words, he will never come, he will prefer to drink poison than visiting us at AMTKN office.


  1. I found the booklet on the following website.

  2. SMH.....excellent work. I would like to join you to get to the bottom of this issue once and for all. I think you should now try to approach ZH and ask him to have a session with Maulana to resolve this matter. This step will be very critical because I am afraid if ZH will be agree to meet him. May ALLAH guide us to the right path and help you sort this probelm out. Aameen

  3. well done hamayun did a great let`s see the reaction from ZH if he can.i think maulana is right,he would like the poison instead of going there.

  4. It was so disappointing to see the way Mr. Zaid Hamid treating this whole matter. There is something really very fishy here...
    thanx for finding out the reality behind this.

  5. Zaid Hamid is the person i have knows for past eighteen years, he can never ever be a murtid or follower of a murtid.He is the most innocent and blessed and beautiful soul i have ever seen. U guys dont knw him, but i knw him inside out. He doesnt need to give justifications, only liars give justifications. HE is innocent, he is pure, i again say, u guys dont know him. U wud have never believed this clumsy kazzab story if u have ever met ZZH. And one more thing, in ur qabar u wont be asked about the beliefs of ZH, u will be asked about the BOHTAANs u put, about the unconfirmed reports u forward, and about accusing a muslim of being kafir.

    There is a hadith, its mafhoom is, "If anyone accuses someone of committing something which he(the accused) either left or lacks at all, then before death, the accuser will commit the same crime!"
    Another hadith says, "If u call someone Kafir,then this wordis so powerful that either the accused will become kafir or before death u will become kafir!"

    These r mafhooms, u can confirm the actual hadithwordings from Respected Maulana of AMTKN !

  6. i have seen and read so many times these kazzab conversations. ALthough the interview shows the piece of interest to dig down the truth but honestly speaking, the interview led the reader from the actual factor of proving mr.zaid hamid as part of blasphemy. The whose focal point of this interview is to prove the fact that mr.zaid hamid is syed zaid zaman hamid, which is absolute insanity.
    The arguement to prove Mr. Zaid hamid as part of blasphemy case is not well arguemented. Mr. Zaid Hamid in his numerous shows have said Shahadah and his core faith upon Prophet(PBUH) and for that matter i dont find any reason by any maulana to raise finger on him or anyother muslim to say shahada infront of there committees.
    The whole struggle to prove Mr.Zaid Hamid as Zaid Zaman Hamid is wrong and denying.
    I wish Zaid Hamid or even Zaid Zaman Hamid the bestest of luck with his noble mission. And may Allah give hadaya to constables of Shariat

  7. @kazem yaldram - Here's how ZZH responded to whenever he was confronted with similar questions:

    1. He refuse categorically in first place that he has nothing to do with Yusuf Kazab.

    2. Later on, he admit that he was indeed involved in that case and was sent by Maulana Abdul Sattar Khan Niazi sahab.

    3. All the way through his conversation he try to defend the position of Yusuf Kazab, that he did not claim prohpet hood and was indeed a sufi saint.

    4. He support that Lahore Session Court verdict was a murder of Justice in Pakistan and all Ulema, all newspaper, lawyers, judge and court were liars and were sold out.

    5. He further allege that Zia Shahid, Khabrain newspaper owner bribed all Ulema, newspapers, lawyers, police, and judges to start and execute a false campaign against Yusuf Kazab on behest of a so called Pir who was against Yusuf Kazab, with whom that Pir has some maslak differences.

    Now, does this story sounds OK to you? every body on earth was sold out ! accept that Mr Yusuf Kazab and his friend ZZH???

    And there was'nt any sane person in Pakistan at that time, who raise his/her voice against that verdict?

    Please do your own research on this and than share your findings with me, I'll be glad to have a constructive debate with you on this.

  8. @ Syed Muhammad Humayun ..... response to ur comment "And there was'nt any sane person in Pakistan at that time, who raise his/her voice against that verdict?"..... haven't u noticed how often that happens here in our country?.... our president is a crimininal... not accused but proven.... 90 % of our leaders have been slammed in media trials.... our Cheif Justice is a jester who had to create media hype for power..... our journalists r sold..... and our ppl are deaf and dumb!!!!!

    i cant comment responsibaly abt yusuf kazab or zzh but if this is the basis ofur accusation... im sorry but it is immaterial!

  9. @Nazish your point lack proper justification because in case of our current president, CJ, etc , every single person I've met is so critical and vocal about them. Every one "knows" who's who? and what the real story is and participates in creating this much needed "noise" against these people. So? people know the ground reality and and are reacting to these events and get heard, right? but sorry to say, I don't see any similar pattern in the case above and therefore my comment on that.

  10. Syed Muhammad Humayun

    Your point also lack proper justification. If this was the case and you say why there was not a single soul who cud raise his/her voice against it, then my brother, why not this happens now? If the accuser is rightful against ZZH, then why not Mufti muneeb ur Rahman or any other from Jamia Hafsa binoria town, comes on media and publish a loud Fatwa against ZZH, reason being ZZH is also doing his shows on different channels, then it is quite justified that a mufti comes on media infront of ppl and give fatwa against ZZH, because the case is put in a way like it is very very injurious and dangerous to whole muslim ummah to listen to ZZH and his lectures, So i think this is the time for Mufti's to raise there voice the same way ZZH is doing. What do you say? Why is it not happening? And as Maulana Saeed has said that ZZH will never visit him because he is guilty, then why not a team from AMTKN goes to ZZH to make this issue clear, afterall this is a matter of Iiman of whole muslim ummah rite now. WHy not AMTKN takes this responsibility and why not Mualana Saeed does this job done himself for the sake of Muslim Ummah?

  11. @AAleemQ, you missed the point here, we were not talking about why others have not accused the Yusuf Kazzab and the gang, (because indeed there were scores of people who did that and hence the 2 - 3 years of activities, cases, petitions and all that). What we were talking about is, if, as per the stance of Zaid Hamid sahab, all judges, all lawyers, all Ulema, all Lahoriites, all newspapers, all policemen were lier and the truth was that Yusuf Kazzab and the gang were innocent than was'nt there any sane honest, person in whole Pakistan to fight for the abducted ones? I am really sorry, but all of this doesn't make any sense to me. I may be biased, I may be wrong, but I am unable to comprehend that. Help me if you can.

  12. @AAleemQ As far as your concern for Ulema raising voice, they did it in the past and they continue doing so in the present as well. The booklet from Maulana Saeed Ahmed Jalalpuri is in line with the same efforts Ulema doing. Media doesn't constitute of TV only, it also includes print media and internet media. Why not TV? you all know, most of the Ulema prefer not to give appearances on TV.

    Likewise, you can not accuse Zaid Hamid sahab that why didn't he visit AMTKN office and clear up the mess, you can not accuse AMTKN of visiting Zaid Hamid sahab in his office. To the best of my knowledge, both parties should work towards each other to resolve that issue, but, unfortunately, both are reluctant, why? only All Mighty Allah knows best.

  13. I am a very string followr of zaid hamid but sumthings have make me ask him questiona. Agar boria khalifa waqt say sawal ker sakti he chadar kay bare mein, then why zaid hamid cant justify himself. Zaid Hamid always says Khalifa khud apna batay. Then why he cannot clear where was he, during that time, what he was doing during that time. Instead straight away put all the blame to CIA. This is not an aswer, He asks for sharia proof for him? Did he give any sharia proof for anybody he put blames on??

  14. we should follow Ulema and Ima-e-Mujtahideen. Islam has been established and preserved by setting principles during the era of Great Imam. We must follow our Imams rather than learn Islam from a tv political analyst who has no qualifications/ sanad/ Ijaza of teaching Islamic Sciences.

    (Note: Good Blog brother Humayun)

    Do justice to Islam, learn from the authentic source. And Zaid Hamid is not authentic because he is not a scholar!!!

    it don't matter whether there are enough evidence for his association with Kazzab or not!!

  15. My Name is Uzair Baig. I have done lot of research about Zaid Hamid and come to reach on a conclusion that he is still following the path of Yousuf Kazzab. To all my brother and sister who follows ZZ i want to tell them that please focus on his debates which he is usually giving to our youth he is always talk about "Ghazwa-e-Hind" which will going to be happen in near futur and try to give references to Hadess shareifs. There is no such war "Ghazwe-e-Hind" mention in any Sahe-e-sata (Authentic books of Hadess) and be a muslim we strongly believe that "Ghazwa" are called to only those wars where Muhammad (PBUH) participate himself. So here he is trying to mention that there will be a Holy war going to be happen and Muhammad(PBUH) be with us....These are the same concept yousuf Kazzab mention during his time as Nawoz-o-Billa he claimed himself as Muhammad(PBUH). And ZZ mention multiple time Pakistan as "Madina-e-sani" and compare it with Holy Mandina Munawara city where Muhammad(PBUH) arrives and established the muslim state.....this is also a same concept of Yousuf Kazzab which he was mention in his speeches and literature.

    Allah suhab-o-tallah show us right path and safe us from these fitnas.



    Zaid Hamid's point of view on Yussaf Kazzab
    Watch allparts

  18. With deepest sorrow I inform you that Mufti Saeed Ahmad Jalapuri(R.A) has been martyred. And there has been FIR registered against Zaid Hamid in which it was said that for previous two or three days Hazrat had been receiving the phone calls of Zaid Hamid's man who was thretening him. I am afraid that this man(Zaid Hamid) is going to be a very big fitna of this time. May Allah help Muslims understand this man and stop this man from corrupting Islam and Muslims and may Allah bless Janatul Firdos to Hazrat Mufti Saeed Ahmad Jalalpuri(R.A).

  19. Zaid Hamid named in Jalalpuri murder FIR Dawn Newspaper Saturday March 13, 2010. Another Aalim e Deen heading Khatam e Nabuwat after Maulana Yousuf Ludhianwi has been martyred. Zaid Hamid if you are involved in anyway then Allah SWT will do justice with you both in this world and in aakhirah. Ahmed

  20. AoA

    friends, yusuf ali now died 10-11 yrs ago now its chapter closed, what ever he is liar or not.

    regarding Zaid hamid he refuse it that he is the follower of yusuf Ali. n many programs same question ask repeatedly, n always He read Kalma-e-Tayabah, Darood Sharif as well as Iman e Mujamil/Mufasil, so whts the problem with you guy! ru all mentally sick ?

    He is doing grerat job, its our bad luck in last 200 yrs no molvi was a scholar, intellectual, analyst etc etc so correct ur self except blame to anybody.

    He trying to awake the youth, share the knowledge, expose the game of enemies.

    if u not join hand together but plz do not pull the legs.

    for Allah sake, fear from Allah's punishment.

  21. @Rizwan You need to wake up bro ! Zaid Hamid sahab has been lying from last 2 years or more. Go to and read/watch point by point what lies Zaid Hamid sahab was feeding you all. Even if you not believe this, just visit that website and try to see the "other" side of the story. Its better you should decide after viewing both sides of the story.

  22. Assalaam u alekum warhmatullah e wabarakaatuhu 2 all ma muslims brothers n sisters here.
    1st of all i must say ( inna lillah e wa inna elaihe raajioon ) May Allah SWT grant superior spot in jannah to Maulana Jalalpuri Shaheed rahimullah. Aameen Thumma Aameen.
    2ndly i wud like 2 appreciate da attempt which has been taken by bro Syed Muhammad Hummayun.
    now coming to da point i want 2 ask dat y is Mr. Zaid Hamid gettin so much angry if he is'nt dat so called sahabi of malaoon yusuf kaddaab? can nebody clearify this question? as v all must hv noticed in our lives dat mostly those ppl jump so much who r liers n those remain calm who hold da truth. da same thing m noticing in this case now. n apart 4om all da arguments if v c da murder of maulana, is'nt it an open result of opposing ZZH? i just wanna say now dat May Allah SWT grant all of us da pure wisdom 2 understand da right guidance n 2 avoid da falsehood. Aameen Thumma Aameen

  23. I miss Maulana Jalalpuri's Majalis-e-Zikr & Islahee Bayanat at Numaish as well as at Gulshan. He used to recognize me from my face and used to ask me why do I remain frequently absent from his majalis. I wish if I could do that. Alas! It's too Late

  24. I saw the exposition videos of ZH ( right after the murder of Hazrat Moulana Jalalpuri sahib (RA.)

    In this video he is forcing his team to not to publish his point on Youtube for now and he will tell them when to publish (navigate video to 1:23 mins). But right after or the same day of the murder of great Moulana these videos were published.

    I want to know from ZH fans that why he did'nt published his point right away and why he waited till an event to happen?

    May Allah subhanahutala protect us from Fitna and gude us to the right path.