Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Synchronizing Social Networks: What options you have?

Have you been able to synchronize your social networks in following ways?:

  1. Facebook to Twitter (fb2twitter)
  2. Twitter to Facebook (?)
  3. Twitter to LinkedIn (?)
  4. Facebook to LinkedIn (?)
  5. LinkedIn to Facebook (?)
  6. LinkedIn to Twitter (?)

Also, have you been able to update statuses of following via mobile?:

  1. Facebook (Native support via SMS. Works in Pakistan)
  2. Twitter (Natively support via SMS. Does not works in Pakistan. Use Twitter Mail as an alternative. Register a Twitter Mail account and send tweets via email/MMS to that account, which will be published on Twitter. You can also configure Twitter Mail account to send Twitter Replies back to your configured Email Address. And you can use this feature in conjunction with Email2SMS feature provided either by your carrier, like Telenor, or using some 3rd party service provider to get all your Twitter Replies via SMS right on to your phone.)
  3. LinkedIn (Neither support natively nor have any third party tools as an alternative)

Isn’t it too much of a pain to update and synchronize all of your social networks? I was about to answer “Yes” but then I saw hellotxt.com, and I was amazed to know that not only it supports all of the social networks that I am registered with, but have a long list of other popular social networks too. Plus, the extra ordinary ease of use they provide to their users by, allowing a number of channels to update their social networks statuses, is marvelous. You can update via Website, Email, SMS/MMS, GTalk, MSN, Yahoo and open API. Thanks hellotxt.com for giving us a relief.