Sunday, June 21, 2009

Zaid Hamid’s Second and Direct Reply to my Question

The second reply (read first reply here) was from Maryam Mehboob, she also CC’ed her reply to Brasstacks. She quotes a reply of Zaid Hamid Sahab in response to my question. I’ve emailed her back seeking the permission to publish that reply “as it is” without making any changes in original reply on my blog. I got the permission now, to publish that reply. Here it is.

Habibi, it is not just few people who gave false gawahi against me, it IS Khatm Nubuwwat themselves who are giving false evidence and spreading what they know is haram and lies. Why don't they ever come to me and ask me directly if they are sincere as this is the demand of sharia and law. ? Why they continue to spread rumors without verifying themselves from me ? No one has ever come to me to ask so far. Is this how sharia operates ?? They are liars -- all of them.

If I respond to them, I will prove them all liars and expose their sinister character. This will open a new war front which I don't want at this stage as we are busy in national defence. If anyone wants truth, they are welcome to visit us and see for themselves. We have fulfilled sharia requirements and that is enough to clarify our view to all. Even Mr Jalalpouri ack that he has not found anything against sharia or Islam in my talks but he thinks in future I will claim to be a prophet !!! What rubbish logic is this ?? Is he god to know what I will do in future ?? Can he say that he will die as a Muslim ??? What non-sense ??

Anyway, shall not stoop to their levels. They can do what they want. Allah is enough to be my wakeel and protector.



My comments on his reply? very disrespectful and I was not expecting him to fall such disgracefully. This is not the Zaid Hamid I used to watch on internet.