Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Freedom of Access to Information in Pakistan?

I disagree with what respected Mr Makhdoom Babar has said in his post. All of the information revealed by Ex-officers of Pakistan Armed Forces & Agencies can not be categorized as "State Secrets". None of the information revealed has any impact on the Nation's security apparatus. In fact, such information should be revealed from time to time, so that public should be made aware of when, where, how and who misuse military and federal agencies, which have extreme powers and un-questionable authority. Every single Pakistani knows these agencies (ISI, MI, FBI, IB) were used in the past for the ulterior motives of corrupt political and military leadership and to date we are still lurking in the dark on who were the perpetrators.

We as the citizens of this Pak Sarzameen have the right to know such information just like citizen of other countries like USA, UK, Australia, etc enjoy freedom of access to information. That, such a revelation of facts has no precedence anywhere else in the world, is a blatant lie, and if such a statement is coming from some of our learned members of the society, than this is very shocking.

Please remember, crystal clear governance is the only way ahead, we can not afford to close our eyes and minds any more, we already lagging behind as far as citizen awareness is concern. We'll have to wake up people, the real power, to take the destiny of this Pak Sarzameen on their hands and force the corrupt political, bureaucratic and military high-ups to shun their corruption and start working for the betterment of the people and the land.