Friday, September 25, 2009

MQM is PTI’s natural ally – Imran Khan

  • PTI doesn’t have ideological differences with MQM
  • PTI is a natural ally of MQM
  • MQM is a party of educated, professional and urban class
  • MQM is against the old, traditional and backward feudal system
  • MQM has taken some of the very good stands
  • PTI’s only difference with MQM is on Terrorism
  • PTI believes that one can not do constructive politics with violence and gun, by enforcing views on others
  • MQM, for its long term future, has to give up violence
  • MQM has fascists tendencies and does not allow space to opponents which is also one of the major differences between MQM and PTI
  • If MQM work on these issues than we can work together collaboratively
  • PTI also believes that no person can do constructive politics in Pakistan if his/her assets and interests are outside Pakistan.
  • A person whose stake is not in Pakistan, how can he/she take decisions in Pakistan?