Friday, September 4, 2009

MUST READ: Mujahideen pay as Establishment play

“The heroes of the past are the terrorists of the present.”

“We ask, okay, don't give us the rights that free nations have, but at least give us those rights people had during the time of the British Raj.”

“The families of the worst kind of criminals are not deprived of this basic right. Our government did so.”

“They were tools for the empires' proxy war. The name of jihad was used. The state religion in those days supported jihad against India [in Kashmir] and the USSR [in Afghanistan]. However, once jihad was established, the states did not have any way to convince Muslims that jihad was only against the USSR and India, and not against the US.”

“You talk about terrorism by individuals, but you do not discuss what they were in the past and why they became terrorists. In fact, it is state terrorism which starts it all. A state recruited Muslim fighters all across the world and gathered them in Afghanistan.”

“Now the two countries are friends and the victims are those who sacrificed their lives for armed struggle. Now they are terrorists.”

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