Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Helping Hand Required: Daughter Marriage

There’s a white collared family who is unable to proceed with the scheduled marriage of her daughter (aged 35 years) due to financial constraints. They were waiting for quite some time to save enough amount for the very basic arrangements of the marriage. Unfortunately, time went by and they couldn’t save enough. The problem is two fold, their daughter age is increasing as time passes and they also fear they might loose the groom if they delayed the marriage for long. Although they were reluctant to ask for help, but due to these circumstances they left with no other choice but to ask for help from relatives and friends.

Alhamdolilah ! people have extended support and they now need at least PKR 30k before 19th June 2011. Please help, which ever the way you can.

Family is eligible for Zakat, Khairat and Atiyaat.

Contact myself on cell @ 92.321.8707783 or Mr. Rehan @ 92.300.2824644 for details on how to donate.

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