Saturday, August 13, 2011

Helping Hand Case Completed: Naeem Ahmed, Mosquito Net Weaver

This case was actually completed almost a month ago, but because of my extremely busy schedule, I was not able to update you guys about it. I emailed you all, following about this case on 6th of June 2011:

Assalam o Alaikum All,

I want to discuss the case of a needy person who used to sell Mosquito Nets in various localities in Karachi City.

Naeem Ahmed s/o Habib Ahmed
Age - 50 or so
CNIC# 42201-1495016-1
Shah Latif Colony, near Bhains Colony (See
exact location in map here)

Residence Owner - Mother
Number of Brothers - 3 (all married)
Number of Sisters - 5 (all married)
Eldest of all and residing with his family on the pent house portion on first floor of the house (made from aluminum sheets and have 3 rooms in all)
Dependents - Wife, a Daughter (14yrs), 2 Sons (10yrs & 6yrs) - all children are school going (His niece has taken the responsibility of all educational expenses)

Almost a year ago, when Naeem was out on the roads of New Karachi, selling Mosquito Nets, some robbers intercept him and demanded all valuables, he tried to explain them that he is very poor and has to feed his wife and three children, but instead of listening his plea, they attacked him with knives and seriously injured him. He remain hospitalized for almost 3 months, he showed me the deep cuts (at least 3) in his abdomen. He has mashaAllah recovered fully but he can not carry too much load now. Alhamdolilah, he is willing to work to earn for the livelihood for himself and his family.

Mosquito Net price - PKR 25 per Meter
For one Double Bed Mosquito Net:
8 Meters of Mosquito Net
Cloth worth of PKR 60
Threads & Misc
Total Cost = PKR ~275
Single Bed Mosquito Net - Total Cost - ~ PKR 150

Naeem used to buy raw material for the Mosquito Nets from Boulten Market and can sell almost 20 - 30 Nets on a daily basis. We need to make arrangements for at least 60 Mosquito Nets, so that he can go out with 30 nets to sell while his wife and other female workers of the neighborhood can prepare another 30 to be sold next day. And we also need to arrange some initial monetary support to cover his most urgent needs so that they can make both ends meet until his daily sales generate enough to feed his family inshaAllah. For this we need to arrange at least PKR 30,000. (They are eligible of Zakat donations.)

You can submit your donations directly to my bank account:

Bank - MCB
Branch - Mehdi Towers
Account Number - 0404925331000032
Account Title - Syed Muhammad Humayun

Or you can drop it either at my home or office. Please call to coordinate accordingly.


Alhamdolilah we were able to collect PKR 34,700 and helped him and his family for a month’s ration, raw material for net weaving and follow up ramazan support.

Naeem turns out to be a hardworking and honest man and is mashAllah not only supporting his family but also helping poor neighborhoods and females working for him with as much help as he can extend.

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