Friday, August 5, 2011

Helping Hand Required: 11 years old girl, a Cancer Patient

25-Aug-2011 – Donation of PKR 102,620 handed over to the family.

11-Aug-2011 – PKR 88,620 as been collected. Remaining amount to be collected is now PKR 187,913 – PKR 88,620 = PKR 99,293

IMPORTANT UPDATES - The patient died 2 weeks ago. And the family has to pay PKR 487,913 to Agha Khan Hospital. There’s a welfare society who has committed to pay PKR 300,000 from Zakat account, if and only if the family submit remaining PKR 187,913. I have verified the account details from Agha Khan Hospital as well.


Patient – 11 years old girl, Bakhtawar Younis Qureshi
Father Name – M Younis Qureshi
Condition – Passed away almost 2 weeks ago (updated) 
Agha Khan MR Number – 183-93-19 (corrected) 

My friend met with patient’s uncle (Mamoo), Irfan Hussain today (0300-2162973) @ his neighborhood mosque in Shah Faisal. As per my friend, Imam sahab of the mosque does not allow any one to announce for charity or donation in the mosque without proper investigation and this case Imam sahab after verifying the case, did allow patient’s uncle for the announcement. My friend himself view the following documents and took snaps of them:

1. Authentication letter issued from Jamia Ashrafia, Lahore
2. Agha Khan Patient Card
3. Image of payment history

You can also view snaps of these documents here

Updates – Talked to Irfan Hussain (Uncle/Mamoo) and Muhammad Razi (Grandparent/Nana). They told that the little girl has been treated twice, first treatment at Agha Khan Hospital cost around 18 lacs and the girl was discharged and after some time started going to school as well. But, later her health deteriorated and then she was treated at Agha Khan Hospital for the second time costing around 9.5 lacs. The family exhausted all their resources to pay 18 lacs and then they extended their hand for help to arrange 9.5 lacs. They are even unable to cater their day to day needs now and need help for that as well. While they were able to arrange donation/funds for almost 7 lacs, approximately 2 lacs are still remaining.

The family is eligible for Zakat donations. You can donate directly to the Bank Account maintained by Irfan Hussain, patient’s Uncle/Mamoo:

Bank Al Habib, Saeedabad Branch, Karachi
Account # 1067-0081-000361-01-5

You can also contact:
Patient’s uncle/mamoo Irfan Hussain @ 0300-2162973
Patient’s grandparent/nana Muhammad Razi @ 0313-2411440