Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Helping Hand Required: Setup Vegetable Push Cart

11-Aug-2011 VERIFICATION OF THE CASE – As mentioned by Faisal in the comments of this post, a couple of other people showed concern regarding this case, as the family belongs to Mujahid Colony, North Nazimabad #4. They have experience frauds in one or more cases from the same area and have advised to investigate the case thoroughly to verify if they are indeed genuine needy people. I tried my best to cross verify and here are my findings:

  1. I talked to the doctor, Dr. Syed Mansoor Ali (available in Hanif Hospital, near Board Office during 4:00pm to 6:00pm in Ramazan; +923212019249), who treated the patient, the account mentioned by the boy (Hamza) and his father (Abdullah Nasir) was indeed correct with a bit of exaggeration of the total amount being spent on the treatment and medicines overall.
  2. I talked to Qari saheb of nearby Khairul Amal Mosque, he said he didn’t know Abdullah Nasir. But, he referred me to another acquaintance of his, Muhammad Nasir Baig (+923333145387), who lives in the same locality and also run a general store by the name Fazal Store. This store is very close to Khairul Amal Mosque and is on the main road. Just behind that store is the residence of Mr Muhammad Nasir Baig.
  3. I met Nasir Baig sahab, and he is also of the opinion that the residents of Mujahid Colony are a fraud and have plundered on the name of charity, building mosques and fake businesses. But, he also agree that not all people are alike and there might be genuine cases as well because the residents of Mujahid Colony are very poor for sure. Fortunately Mr Nasir sahab has been associated with the Zakat and Usher investigation department and knows the intricacies of investigating needy people cases for Zakat and Khairat disbursements. I ask Abdullah Nasir to meet Nasir Baig sahab and later I called Nasir sahab to get his opinion. He said that with the investigation done so far, this case seems to be a genuine one, provided the medical treatment record also being confirmed from dr sahab.


There’s a very poor family (of 8 - Father, Mother, 3 Sons and 3 Daughters) living in Nazimabad #4, Mujahid Colony on a rented house. Father had a serious accident a month ago fracturing his leg. He used to sell vegetables on a push cart. While the elder son, aged 16, used to sell stationary items on Tariq Road. The family has exhausted all their resources in the treatment of fractured leg. They even sold the push cart and other personal belongings. They also got loan from the near and dear ones. The doctors have prescribed 4 months rest to the patient and the family has now nothing left. They are even unable to feed themselves now. With no ration for one time’s meal, the elder son was forced, to go out for help.

None of the children goes to school, they never admitted because of their poor condition. The elder son is willing to earn for his family, but he didn’t have resources to start selling stationary again or setup a vegetable push cart again.

A rough estimate of what minimum we can do to help this family is as follows:

Ration for one month – PKR 10k
2nd hand Push Cart / Weights / Balance – ~PKR 6k
Vegetables – ~PKR 4k

TOTAL FUNDS required – PKR 20k

You can either donate directly via my bank account below or in person by calling me @ +923218707783

Bank - MCB
Branch - Mehdi Towers
Account Number - 0404925331000032
Account Title - Syed Muhammad Humayun

Once we have done above, the boy will inshaAllah, under the guidance of his father, will start generating daily income to support his basic family needs. We can than focus on getting their children admitted to some free/charity school nearby or any other school, if we can support them by arranging fees/books/copies/bags/uniforms/etc. Please share any information/idea that would help them to kick start their basic education.

Please note that ration requirement is on URGENT BASIS, as this is the most demanding need of the time for them.

Note – Family is eligible for Zakat donations as well