Saturday, October 29, 2011

Helping Hand Required – Loan for a respectable family in trouble

Assalam o Alaikum,

I’ve come to know about a respectable family who are in big financial trouble these days. They had a good business earlier, but due to financial losses, their business is reduced and what remaining is generating very limited monthly income. Out of that, they are paying the Interest/Riba based monthly payments against the loan which they took to increase their business, while the original loan amount remains the same. The family now understand their mistake and is keen to get rid of the interest/riba based loan as soon as possible. Total loan amount is around 4 lacs and they have collected almost 2.75 lacs, they need an interest/riba free loan of 1.25 lacs now. They’ll have to pay a payment of PKR 16,000 every month while the load amount remains as it is.

Can each of us pool some funds so that burden will not be on one or few people and yet we be able to help the family quickly, before the start of the next month?

It’s an URGENT call, and I am sorry about that, but still I thought to give it a try, if we be able to collect and pay the amount of 1.25lac to the family, they will not have to pay for the month of November.

As for the return, family has promised to pay PKR 5,000 per month to me and we’ll then return this amount back to whoever we’ll agree on together. I have no issues to be the last one to get the payment back.

IMPORTANT – Family is eligible for Zakat/Khairat donations

Please connect with me via my cell/email/facebook/twitter to extend helping hand.

Thank you and Jazakumullahu Khair!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Some more pictures of Karachi Startup Weekend @ IBA Karachi University

Second Day - Me and my team with one of our mentors, Mr. Azhar Rizvi.

Second Day - Tea Break

Third Day - The Final Presentation

All About Karachi Startup Weekend @ IBA, Karachi University

Day 1:

I’ve posted two separate posts one about the Idea that I pitched on day one and the other about all of the 21 pitches.

It all started with this :)

Board which contains names of all Pitches and Votes against each one of them:

Final 12 Pitchers which were short listed to form teams and work on their Ideas:

As per the rules of the event, I was able to form a Team during Networking phase and thus got a chance to be the 13th team in the line up.

Day 2:

We were given dedicated rooms with all necessary equipment to work on our Ideas for 54 hours in 2.5 days.

Me and my team with one of our mentors, Mr. Zahir Ali Syed.

Going to Auditorium to attend one of the Guest Speaker Sessions:

I was explaining my Idea to one of the judges, Naveed Qazi, VP Engineering, Folio3, sitting next to me and during that, one of the Guest Speaker started his speech:

Having tea and snacks with my team during the Tea Break:

Day 3:

We have to present our idea with proposal plan and prototype in a 5 minute presentation.
Introduction of Judges and Prizes to be offered to the winners:

My Final Presentation of the idea "Unified" (we renamed it from SPAM after getting an advice from one of our mentor that SPAM has negative connotation)


1st – Social Guru
2nd – Islamopedia
3rd – (Tie between 2 teams) Namaz-Qibla Direction & Teen Tappar

I am sorry I was not able to record the 1st Winner Prize because my mobile battery was exhausted by that time. I can only wish if Karachi Startup Weekend guys upload it some where and I can link it, because I know, 1st position holder team was the highlight of this event.

OFFICIAL VIDEO of Karachi Startup Weekend held at IBA, Karachi Univeristy - Courtesy Khizer Iqbal.

Concluding Remarks:

I never thought a single event would change the way I see my professional life. It was so damn eye opening that my direction is almost changed to 180 degrees. Living a 9-to-9 professional life is no more the way I'll pursue. Innovation and Entrepreneurship is definitely the way to go forward!

A thanks of appreciation, to all those brilliant and hardworking people who make it possible, our facilitators, organizers and our mentors. You help us experience the spirit of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Thank you!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pitching my Idea, “SPAM” @ Karachi Startup Weekend in IBA, Karachi University

I pitched my idea “SPAM – Software Project Artifacts Management” System on 21st of October 2011 @ Karachi Startup Weekend in IBA, Karachi University. My idea did not make it to the final list of 12 short listed ideas Sad smile. However, I was successful in forming a Team during the Networking Phase and will be working with the Team in next 2 days to come up with a comprehensive Proposal Plan for the VCs and Judges Smile

Thursday, October 13, 2011

2011 Flood Relief Work Updates: Second Cycle

Second cycle of collection and disbursement is on in 360Training. Please see details below:

Tents Needed - Price: PKR 1000 / tent

(Ration Package for 1 family )
Flour - 10 KG
Rice - 5 KG
Sugar - 3 KG
Pulse (Daal) - 2 KG
Cooking Oil - 2 KG
Soap - 1 Unit
Candle Packet - 1 packet
Red Chili - 200 grams pack
Mosquito Killer Coils - 1 Packet
Filtered Water - 12 Liters

Any type of gently used clothing (all sizes)
Any type of gently used bedding (sheets, blankets, etc)

Any type of gently used shoes (all sizes)

Cash Donations are always welcome.

All boxes / clothing or ration packages can be brought into 360Training (Softech Pvt Ltd) office to be transported to the affected areas. All item / donations will be collected by October 21st, 2011, Friday.

360Training (Softech Pvt Ltd)
Suit# 502 & 602, Anum Empire, Shara e Faisal, Near Baloch Colony Flyover.

Contact me @ 92.321.8707783 for further details/directions.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

2011 Flood Relief Work - Updates

2011 Flood Relief Work updates from 360Training/Softech (Pvt) Ltd

Sent: Friday, September 30, 2011 5:50 PM

Correction -  we have collected funds of PKR 179,000 in total! J From which PKR 70,000 has been utilized for 70 tents and the remaining PKR 109,000 has been donated to Edhi Foundation.

Once again thank you for your contribution and with your continued support together we can accomplish a lot more!

Sent: Friday, September 30, 2011 5:26 PM

By the grace of Almighty God, we have collected the total funds of PKR 1,09,000 in total; from which PKR 70,000 has been utilized for 70 tents. The remaining amount of cash has been donated to Edhi Foundation.

With your sincerest intentions, people amongst you have already started contributing for the next relief fund. The next relief fund would likely be gathered by October 13th, 2011 Thursday. We will update you on the items that are needed urgently whereas cash funds are always welcome.

We once again really appreciate your efforts and contributions.  May God accept our sincere intentions and accept our efforts in this sacred cause. Amen.

Looking forward to your active participation and … Keep this PASSION ALIVE!!


Flood Relief Fund1 - Sep 2011 Flood Relief Fund2 - Sep 2011 Receipts - Tents