Sunday, May 13, 2012

SPAM Calls Mystery Resolved!

I recently posted about the SPAM calls I was getting. Soon after my post, one of my friend in US called me and told me that he forgot to remove my number from his phone's "Find Me" list and therefore I'm getting all those calls that were meant for his number in US :)

Actually around three or four weeks ago, I helped my friend's company in conducting technical interviews of some of the candidates they had lined up for their vacant positions in US. So my friend, setup my cell number in his phone's feature called "Find Me", which hops on each number listed, so any one available can pick up the phone and receive the call. As soon as some one in US picks up the call, that call get disconnected an my end. (My cell#, being an overseas number, has the lowest priority in the list.)

Once he removed my number, me and my cell are in peace again :)