Saturday, April 8, 2017 changed Order items and Price without informing

I ordered a number of items from on 3rd of March 2017, among those items was a mobile phone:

S COLOR Mate 10, Dual Sim, Dual Cam, 6.5" IPS, 32GB, Gold ( 6 Months Warranty )
AED 299/=

But, that particular item was changed from my original order, without informing me on email or mobile, with a product that was AED 100 expensive than the one I ordered. They changed the above mobile with:

S COLOR S7 Pro, 4G Dual Sim, 6" IPS, 32GB, Gold
AED 399/=

The day they delivered the package, I was so busy that whole month that I didn't notice the change, and once I get back from Dubai, UAE to Karachi, Pakistan, I found out that not only the product item was changed without informing me, but I also end up paying an additional AED 100. And, there was not a single notification or email or sms or call to inform me about the changes they made, on their own, to my order.

I, have lodged a complaint today on their website, and I'm now waiting their response on this issue.

The situation is quite disappointing for me and for any customer for that matter, lets see how they respond to it.

Fingers crossed :(

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