Sunday, April 16, 2017

Used AC with Inverter/Converter Imported from Japan

Finally I decided to give these used AC (Imported from Japan) a try. They come with locally made Inverter/Converter and are available in 2 configurations 0.75 & 1.0 ton.

0.75 ton with Inverter/Converter costs around 13k to 15k
1.0 ton with Inverter/Converter costs around 16k to 18k

- depending on the condition of the unit and configurations.

The importer of these units claimed that:

1. These units uses 2 Ampere current and operates on 100 volts (via the Inverter/Converter).
2. They uses 1/4th of the electricity in comparison to the electricity used by normal 1 ton split AC.
3. They would add up to 2k to your monthly electricity bill
4. These units can run on 2K Gas Generators as well

Do note that these units can only be installed vertically, so they need more space vertically and less horizontally.

These units comes with 1 year compressor warranty and 6 months inverter/converter warranty. Because these units are made in Japan, their parts are of quality and are expected to lasts longer. As per Importer, in case of any problem, normal AC electricians can fix these issues. Importer also have technicians available to fix any such problems.

Importer Details:
Maier Electronics
Mehmoodabad #3, near M.D. Coaching Center and Hanfia Mosque
Phone: 021-35385943, 0345-2702330, 0312-8427742
Timings: 9 AM to 10 PM - 7 days a week

Now, let us see, how much impact will these units have on my electricity bill. I will inshaAllah post the electricity usage of coming months.

0.75 ton - Brand Corona - PKR 13.5K

1.0 ton - Brand Haier - PKR 16.5K

Inverter / Converter

Sunday, April 9, 2017 - E-CHANGE PRODUCTS (KARACHI) - Shipping Damaged Products

Last week I ordered a number of products from One of the product was Black Cotton Shoes for Men and the Merchant was E-CHANGE PRODUCTS (KARACHI). The picture of the product, published on daraz store was good enough to attract any buyer:

But when I opened up the package, reality was very different... in an extremely negative sense 😡

How come a company package such an item for their customer? unless they wanna ruin their clientele and go on a self destruction mission.

Once I registered my complaint at daraz complaint center (via phone), they asked me if I want a refund or a replacement. I told them, if a merchant is sending such a product to their customer, I have no faith in their QC process and would like a refund voucher, which I can use to purchase similar product from another worthy merchant. - S COLOR S7 Pro, 4G Dual Sim, 6" IPS, 32GB, Gold - Where to insert Sim Card

After I published my last post, one of my ex-colleague pointed me that "the thing" I was assuming to be a speaker/microphone, is actually a Sim Card Slot and I just need to push it and it will eject out automatically.

It turned out that he was right, except that there's no eject or pop out mechanism in place, so you actually have to insert a thin pin in to the hole, tilt the pin a little to create a lock and then try to drag it out.

Finally this issue was resolved. Or I think it was...

The next problem was that the Sim Card Tray has two slots, one was the standard micro sim slot but the other was not and seems like a memory card slot. I tried different ways of placing the second sim but it didn't fit into the slot.

So now I'm thinking to reach out to a technician and have my second sim trimmed down to the shape of second slot and then try using both sims with this phone. The phone's OS (Android) clearly indicates that it supports 2 Sims, but why they have a non standard Sim card slot, is something I'm unable to understand. And, if the second one is not a sim card slot, then where to insert the second sim card?