Friday, January 23, 2009

Obama and People behind

A two-part interview with Webster Tarpley describing the Obama phenomenon, the people behind it and their plans for the future. A must watch with brilliant historical insight and analysis. (Taped in late July 2008)

Part One
Part Two

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

David Duke raises alarm on Obama's Inauguration

David Duke raises alarm on Obama's Inauguration

David Duke has a PhD in History. It was earned at the MAUP University system in Kiev, Ukraine, the largest university system in Ukraine. David Duke is the author of two books: My Awakening. His latest book, Jewish Supremacism, has now been translated in 8 languages and is a bestseller in many nations. As an activist, Rep. Duke is the President of EURO, the European American Unity and Rights Organization, an organization for European American patriots.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Gaza, Israeli Terrorism & Muslim Ummah

When we live in our peaceful and comfortable homes, enjoying every single moment of happiness with our families, friends and alikes, some may momentarily feel the sadness. Some may even donate their money to aid the victims. All blessings to God for giving us the ability to feel such kindness in our hearts. But sometimes, it just ends there, ‘I’ve played my part. I’ve sympathised and I gave my money. I’m done for the day.’ Some would carry on living their lives celebrating the new year with a blast and partying till dawn. The fact that it’s “happening somewhere else”, sometimes it just doesn’t have that much effect on us. Is this how it should be?

In Islam, we believe that the ummah (the entire muslims) is like the limbs of a man, so if one part of the body is hurt the whole body feels the pain and suffering. Religious differences aside, this is undeniably a good word of advice. How can we feel so relaxed, calm and exuberant when our brothers and sisters are being attacked, injured and killed? Our responsibility to others do not only go as far as our friends, family and neighbours. It should extend to the rest of humanity, regardless of their race, background, location and religion. So it should become our duty to be aware of what’s going on, and to do whatever we can to help the situation.

Following is a check list of Gaza response:

1. Make Lots of Dua for the suffering of People of Gaza and for hidaya of Muslim Ummah
2. Make everyone you know aware of the issue via word of mouth, email, text
3. Attend a rally in your area and make sure people remain peaceful there
4. Write to your Government via e/mail
5. Write to Israel, UN, USA, OIC, GCC via e/mail
6. Write to local or national papers
7. Use the net and voice opinion on news and other forum
8. Donate to charity and if you can sponser an orphan in Palestine.
9. If you are not already boycotting Jewish products start now.
10. Ask everyone you know to do the same


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