Sunday, November 6, 2011

Eating Out: 2011-11-04 @ Hardees, Near Hyderi, Karachi

Beef Burgers are far more delicious than Chicken Burger. Unfortunately this time Beef Burgers were not on the Menu, so we had to opt for Chicken Burgers.

Classic French Fries are better than the Rings. And taste, crispiness and softness of Classic French Fries are superior to equivalents available at KFC or McDonalds.

Hand-made creamy Shakes were as good as that of McDonalds.

Also, get a chance to try complementary Chicken Tenders. A very good addition to their menu.

I personally believe McDonalds have insulted some thing as delicious and delicate as Burgers. And before Hardees, I prefer Mr. Burger over McDonalds. But now! Hardees have taken the taste and quality at a different level far more better than its competitors in Karachi, Pakistan.

Had a chat with the acting manager @ Hardees and they have plans to open 10 new branches in Karachi. A new branch near Kublai Khan will be opened shortly.

Overall, Hardees has an edge on taste and if not better than equal quality in comparison to its competitors.