Friday, May 18, 2012

2012-05-11 BBQ Chicken Hara Masala with Arabic Rice @ Hanifia

Hanifia was a popular eatery for previous generation of ours in Karachi. I never had the all-famous Hunter Beef and its variants in my priority list. But, last week I got a chance to try a different and a new recipe @ Hanifia. The BBQ Chicken with three different variants; Hara, Lal and Arabic (Black Pepper and Salt only). The deal comes with a full BBQ Chicken (considerabl small in size; though smaller ones are the tastier ones) with Arabic Rice (PKR 500) or with out Arabic Rice (PKR 450) and yes that means this is primarily an Arabic Recipe. Do try out and share your feedback!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

SPAM Calls Mystery Resolved!

I recently posted about the SPAM calls I was getting. Soon after my post, one of my friend in US called me and told me that he forgot to remove my number from his phone's "Find Me" list and therefore I'm getting all those calls that were meant for his number in US :)

Actually around three or four weeks ago, I helped my friend's company in conducting technical interviews of some of the candidates they had lined up for their vacant positions in US. So my friend, setup my cell number in his phone's feature called "Find Me", which hops on each number listed, so any one available can pick up the phone and receive the call. As soon as some one in US picks up the call, that call get disconnected an my end. (My cell#, being an overseas number, has the lowest priority in the list.)

Once he removed my number, me and my cell are in peace again :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DbSchema - An impressive DB Tool!

Today, while I was looking for a suitable tool to reverse engineer a PostgresSQL database to an ERD, I came across with this amazing tool:

DbSchema by

It turns out to be an impressive tool. The neat and crisp layout and the ease with which I was able to reverse engineer the database to an ERD was simply amazing!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Strange SPAM Calls

I'm getting spam calls from almost a month or so from Warid Numbers starting with 0321, 0322, 0323, 0324 and numbers starting with +1, +3, +4, +6, +7 and +9. Also receive one call from "Private Number". My rough estimate is that I received SPAM calls from around 90 or 100 unique numbers. Majority of the SPAM calls ring for a second or so with out giving me enough time to pick the call. When I call back the same number it always give me the message that the number is busy. I even tried calling back during different times through out the day, but the same message "Number is busy".

In some cases I was able to pick up the call and after successful connection, no one responded from the other end. 

In some cases, some one (adult male) on the other side say hello and mumble some un comprehensible words. 

In one case, when I call back, it was received by the caller and I told him (adult male) that I received a call a minute ago from your number and this is the reason I called back to inquire, who you are and why you called me?. The caller said that he didn't call me and in fact got a miss call from my number and so he called me to inquire.

Today, i.e. 7th of May 2012, at 06:27 PM, I received another spam call from 03243700351 and the caller kept silent initially when I said "hello" a couple of times, then I mute the voice and the caller (adult male) said in urdu "bus yeh batana tha kay payment agee hay" and disconnected the call. 

Today, I called Telenor Helpline and they said they didn't have the incoming call logs and I should connect with the carrier from where the calls are originating from. I then called Warid helpline and they said that they can conduct inquiry on one or two numbers and not on hundreds of numbers (as in my case). They recommended me to visit the nearest Warid Customer Care Center and discuss my case with them, hopefully they would be able to help in this case.

Lets see how things unfold. Sharing it with you guys so that if any one of you can help me on this, I would appreciate that or may be if any one of you have gone or is going through the same experience, than please share because it will also help to understand and identify the pattern. Thanks!