Saturday, August 18, 2012

Helping Hand Required - Young Tutor need Help

I received below email from a trustworthy friend of mine. Please read and reach out for help, Jazakumullahu Khair!

Assalam o Alaikum All,

Today I found a young victim of hit-and-run road accident near my home. He was hit by a car, and bone of his one leg was completely broken. I took him to Jinnah Hospital for treatment where his cousin also arrived to take care of him.

The guy lives in malir and give o-level students' home tuition in Defence. His monthly income was 15k from several tuitions and he is the only bread winner for his parents, wife and two children.

According to my estimate, he would need atleast 3-4 months to become mobile again. Up till that time he will be in extreme financial duress due to medical expenses and loss of income.

Here are the details I know so far:
Name: Mohammad Asad
Age: around 35
Residence: Malir
Profession: Private tutor
Family: Parents, Wife and 2 young children
Contact: Nadim (Asad's cousin) 0345 368 0292

If anyone wants to help out this guy, you can contact Nadim or me.