Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How To Hunt a Job in Singapore


I received a very informative email from one of my acquaintances, and I thought to share it publicly (keeping it anonymous) for the benefit of all.

The following email is about hunting a job in Singapore from a Pakistani perspective. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

Asalam o alikum All,

I'm using this medium to 'Introduce IT opportunities in Singapore' as many of us are unaware of opportunities in SG. First thing first that I'm not a recruiter nor a travel agent, I'm just another Pakistani as you're. This post is an experience what I faced.

There are couple of ways to find a job in Singapore, but according to me the best way to hunt your job is to land physically in Singapore and hunt on fire!

Steps for Job Hunting in SG:-

1. Singapore Visit Visa: Consult with any authentic travel agent and apply your Singapore Visa through them. It will cost around PKR 6000 - 8000. For a Pakistani Passport you will get 30 days Visit visa, which is enough for Job Hunting.


2. Airline Ticket: Guess which airline you need to take this time, Yes Srilankan Airlines and you're in Desilva Town. Cost for KHI - SIN - KHI is about PKR 53,000. 

3. Where to Stay: Find any cheap Hostel? Yes, you can also stay at Hostel as Hostels are not limited to students only. Book for only 3 days and after reaching here, ask the Hostel Admin to give some discount as you need to stay for a month or more. You can get a cheap hostel as low as S$ 14/day, but don't expect any services. S$ 14 * 30 = S$ 420 = 420 * 78 = PKR 32,760

4a. Buy a SIM: Buy a Prepaid SIM which you feel cheap from Airport. It mostly varies from S$ 18 and onward. Kindly do me favor, as soon as you get a SIM, just give a call to your MOM as she is most worried person because her little baby is out of town. S$ [18 + 32(top up)] * 78 = PKR 3900

4b. Buy MRT Card: Buy MRT card from Airport. This card you can use in MRT or in local buses. It cost around S$ 12 and you can top up when needed. S$ [ 12 + 18(top up)] * 78 = PKR 2340

5. No need to worry about internet as internet is available in each and every hostel.

6. Food: Halal, Vegetarian, etc are easily available. It will cost S$ 4-5 at any local economical food court. S$ 10-13/day (Breakfast + lunch + dinner) or S$ 300-390/month. PKR 23,400 - 30,420

7. When you're in Pakistan, kindly create your profile minimum on following job portals:-

a. http://www.monster.com.sg/

b. http://jobscentral.com.sg/

c. http://sg.jobsdb.com/sg

d. http://www.stjobs.sg/

e. http://www.jobstreet.com.sg/

If you find any other job portal, don't hesitate to create one. Create your profile on LinkedIn as well and try to add recruitment consultants in your list.

I prefer you at least have 1.5 years or more experience before following above steps. If you have any doubt on the authenticity of your degree, kindly don't dare to try Singapore, because SIN is v.strict on it. Bring your original degree, certificates, previous job offer letters, previous work experience, any other document which can defend your case. 

Above points are my personal experience and you have full rights to disagree with me. Kindly do productive criticism as Pakistan is on war!

Good Luck !!

p.s: Kindly forward this email to other reputed groups.