Monday, March 28, 2016

Back to Academics - Master of Science (Big Data) program @ DHA Suffa University

Yay! its good to be back to blogging Smile. Its the Facebook, that was keeping me away from maintaining this blog, because I was literally dumping every thing on Facebook. But, when I thought about sharing my learning experience with my readers, I realize I need to go back to actual blogging and here I am!

One question, that I was asked quite recently and most frequently, by people around me, was “Why enrolling in Masters now? and why DHA Suffa University?”. My answer is more or less the same as “The Statement of Purpose”, which I wrote hastily in few minutes, just before submitting my application for the MS program.

Statement of Purpose

After spending some years in the industry and gaining some post-bachelor’s experience (I graduated in 2001), I started surveying available post-grad programs locally to shortlist those which appeals me. To my bad luck, I end up with an empty list. Why? because I felt those programs, back then (I guess 2008) were too theoretical and lack emphasis on the actual “Application” of those theories. I’m a firm believer of the fact that Humans are as good as Doers as they are Thinkers. And, we always “act” upon the “knowledge” we gain through different experiences in our life.

It was indeed very unfortunate that I did similar surveys, at least three more times from 2008 to 2016 and I always ended up with the same results. None of the post-grads programs were “Practical” enough that would attract me to just roll up my sleeves and join the program.

I’ve been discussing my experiences with a number of people in my circles and I’ve been persuading people, both in industry and academia, to come up with a program that infuses the theoretical knowledge with the practical implementation in a way that would lead us to achieve breakthroughs in all walks of life and specially in science and technology.

Then, I heard about this new Masters Program that DSU is launching and I was like, “I’ve got to enroll in it no matter what!”. Although I’m working full time and I’m kind of running short of time but still, when I hear the vision I was flabbergasted. This is the kind of program that I waited for soooo long!

So, first, thank you to DSU, for being so daring and bold enough to take the initiative in launching a program that is indeed the most pressing need of the time. Secondly, please give me a chance to be part of this game-changing program. I, on my end, will ensure that I’ll add significant value to the program in whatever capacity I can.


Syed Muhammad Humayun

But what’s so “Practical” about this program in particular?

The vision of this program is to work with the people in industry and academia and to form a group who not only research new problems, ideas and techniques but also devise new solutions and newer implementations in the form of complete Working Models, Validated Prototypes, Sophisticated End Products, Re-usable APIs, Components and Platforms. And, through that, they will be able to deliver the “real value” and actually serve the needs of the society (including the industry and the academia).

Besides that, the enrollment in this MS program is open to industry people who have significant experience and skills in related fields. These MS students, along with active PHD students will form a “research group” which will then “Work as a Team in a Lab” to achieve their end goals (mentioned in the para above).

While, a lot of institutions are working with similar concepts world over, in Pakistan, we are fortunate to have one of our own and I wish that we will have similar programs real soon in other universities of Pakistan as well.

MS/PHD Computer Science Programs @ DHA Suffa University